Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Data Handling: What does data tell us?

Report by Straits Times on 25 July 2017 (Tuesday):
SMS usage falls amid rise of chat apps, soft tokens
Source of image (above website)

Study the chart carefully.

What does the line graph "tell" us about the use of SMS in Singapore?

  • Are you able to "guess" the "ups" and "downs" (i.e. the trends) illustrated in the line graph - before reading the article
  • Can you infer what has happened over the technology landscape in Singapore the years?

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

[Follow-up] Today's Lesson

Today's lesson focused on 'understanding' the relationship between a given equation and the graph through the blog activities (below).

What's new today? 
Sketching of Graphs
We only went through p23 very quickly.

To attempt Class Work 1 (Tier B) - and post your answers (b) & (c) in Google Classroom - to be completed by Wednesday (19 July 2017)
1. Watch the two video clips in the next post 
2. Look out for the steps to find the information (i.e. the x and y-intercepts) that would enable us to sketch a graph.
3. Then attempt (b) and (c)

Homework - to be submitted on Thursday (20 July 2017)
Assignment 9.5

Study Notes (p25) Graph Sketching - How to do it systematically...

Demonstration on Part (a) y = 2x + 3

Demonstration on Part (d) 0.5x - y = 2.5

Riddles! Riddles! Riddles!


Click HERE to view responses

"Knowing" the LINES better


Differentiating the right from the wrong.... But What's Wrong?

1. Examine the 3 workings and identify which is the correct working. 
2. Are you able to tell what goes wrong in each of the two other working.