Saturday, 23 September 2017

6 AM Quiz #12: Long time no see, Algebra!

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Any correct responses received by 9 am: 3 points
Any correct responses received by end of Saturday: 1 point

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Question 3

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Thursday, 21 September 2017

21 Sep 2017: What we did today...

Focus of Revision on POLYONS
  • Key ideas
    • Naming polygons (up to 10 sides)
    • Revisited the formula and how to derive them, as well as the relationship: 
      • Sum of interior angles of a polygon = (n - 2) x 180º (using a pentagon to help us visualise)
      • Sum of exterior angles of a polygon is always 360º (using an equilateral triangle and square to help us visualise)
      • Interior angle + Exterior angle = 180º 
        • When one increases, the other decreases
    • How to deal with polygons of unusual shapes
  • Discussion (1) with the following papers:
    • HIHS 2017 S2 Mid-Year Exam Paper 2 Q9
    • CGS 2015 S2 Mid-Year Exam Section B Q3
    • FMS 2015 S1 EOY Exam Paper 1 Q11
    • NYGHS 2015 S1 EOY Exam Paper 2 Q5
  • Discussion (2) with handout WJEC CBAC GCSE papers 
Solution presented by Corwin

  • Note that, when the context is defined here, that we know that n must be an integer (since it represents the number of sides of a polygon), we may leave out defining n is an integer. However, when without context, we should define n when constructing the inequality. (with inputs with Ethan)

Next week (T4W3), we will move into the following topics:
  • Mensuration (Perimeter, Area, Volume), which involves simple algebra
  • Linear Graphs, Sketching
  • Algebra
  • Construction will be kept to the last week of the revision

Do attempt the other schools' exam papers to prepare for the upcoming topics.

Monday, 18 September 2017

Direct Proportion (1) Check-in (2) 3-min Quiz

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3-min Quiz
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Thursday, 7 September 2017

The 'magic' can be explained with...

Source: Facebook page: 5 Unknown Facts

There seems to be some 'magical' links between the digits... however, if you apply algebra (i.e. factorisation), you would be able to figure out why or how the magic works :)

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Something more, something extra: Heron's Formula

This morning, we briefly talked about how to find area of a triangle in the absence of height, but when all three sides are given.

We can apply Heron's formula to find the area.
You would probably find the following sites interesting: