Wednesday, 15 February 2017

[15 Feb] Preparation for Next Lesson

Dear S1-01

Arrangement of lesson for 16 Feb 2017:
Please be informed that, Mr Johari will be taking the class tomorrow (16 February).
It will be a combined class (with S1-07).
He will inform you of the venue to report to, tomorrow morning.

Preparation for next lesson (Algebra)
Please attempt the flipped learning materials assigned via ACE-Learning (Reading & Quiz). This is in preparation of the next lesson, too.

In total,
  • There is a set of online learning materials
  • 1 Quiz on simple operations of algebraic expressions
  • 2 Challenges - known as Progressive Mastery Programme (PMP) where you will enter into a cycle questions and your objective is complete the cycle with the least number of questions.
Complete the above as soon as you could.

You should have received a set of Study Notes for Algebra (through Hao Min). Please bring along.
The softcopy is also available at the GoogleSite (scroll down to look at Unit 04 Algebra). In addition, please remember to bring along your Maths Notebook.

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