Tuesday, 14 February 2017

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What we did in class today

1. Substitution
Spot the Error and understand what's wrong through
2. Understanding Conditions 
Learn to justify a stand and provide example(s) to substantiate a stand

Self-Directed Learning (SDL): Percentages


1. Task in Maths Blog
2. Task in Google Classroom
  • Algebra... Which is larger? (II) [approx. 3 min, with reference to the activity we did in class]
  • Algebra... Different "Faces" of Algebra (II) [approx. 3 min]
  • [Homework] Algebra - "Translating Words to Expressions" (Workbook p34, Q14(a), (b), (c), (d)) [approx. 4 min]
  • [Homework] Algebra - Word Problem (Textbook p92, Q13) ADVANCED Level [approx. 5 min] 
Complete these diagnostic activities if you have not done so
  • [Diagnostic] Algebra - Word Problem (Textbook p92, Q11)
  • [Diagnostic] Algebra - Word Problem (Textbook p92, Q12)

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