Friday, 17 February 2017

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What we did today
1. Operations

2. Expansion using Distributive Law
3. Algebraic Fractions: Watch the following video clips to
Homework Set A - to be completed by 18 Feb 2017, 2359h

1. Questions set by groups in Google Classroom (approx 10 min)

2. Study notes - short practices to review what we learn today (approx 10 min)
Simple Expansion; Algebraic Fractions - in Google Classroom

3. Diagnostic question (Study notes, p7, 3 parts) - in Google Classroom (approx 10 min)

Homework Set B - Written Assignment - to be submitted on 21 Feb 2017 (Tuesday)

Textbook (p104) Review Questions (Approx 30 min)
Q1 (all parts), Q2, Q3 (all parts)

Preparation of next week's lessons

Reading materials will be assigned via AceLearning

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