Wednesday, 1 March 2017

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What we did in class:
  • Revision:
    • Discussion of selected questions of Mock Test 2 question paper (Y2016 S1 Maths Level Test 1) - on the presentation of working (being clear and systematic) and to clarify doubts
    • Went through briefly Homework (Workbook) for Unit 02
    • Answered enquiries
  • All suggested solution are available in the GoogleSite
  • (Continue with) Factorisation by Cross Method
    • A systematic approach - recognising the pairs of factors required to be placed in the 'cross frame' to test out the numbers
    • How to check if the factors are correct
      • Method 1: Using the "middle" terms (multiplying the terms in the column)
      • Method 2: By expansion 
    • [Homework] A 2-to-3 Activity was issued out - You should be able to answer all the Type A questions. You should also be able to answer most of the remaining questions.
      • Note: Typoerror in Collection 5, Type B question. Replace the variable "a" by "x". There should be only 1 variable in this quadratic expression.
      • We will discuss this worksheet on Friday's lesson

As mentioned, taking into account you spending time to prepare for this week's level test:
  • Deadline for the submission of the SDL topic, Percentages have been postponed to next Monday (6 March 2017)
  • No Google Classroom activities will be assigned these 2 days

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