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Today's Class Discussion:

1. Word Problems: 

I think of a number (n) ...
The product of 2 numbers is 154. If the difference between the two numbers is 3, find the possible values of n
Skill needed:
> Form an equation (you will get a quadratic equation here)
> Reorganise the terms to LHS of the equation 
> Factorisation 
> Find possible values of n by solving linear equations.
(Source: Mathematics Workbook 2 (p37))

Area of rectangle
What is the area of the small rectangle if the perimeter of the large rectangle is 64 m?

We also discussed, based on context, value of n must be larger than 3 (refer to the dimension given). 

2. Finding values of expression

We discussed the following (and the strategy to solve such problem) in class:

1. 2013 S1 Maths Common Test Question 6



3. Formulae

In relation to the formula, Speed = Distance / Time
We spent some time to understand the difference between distance and displacement; speed and velocity.
Reference: Handout Q1

We also discussed the use of Heron's formula to find the area of a triangle when given 3 sides of a triangle.
Reference: Handout Q4

4. Homework 

1. Complete the handout on Algebra - Formulae
- Four problems that require us to substitute before solving equations.
Deadline: 23 March 2017 (Thursday) - to be submitted in the Maths Tray on the Teachers' Table

2. 2013 S1 Maths Common Test Question Paper
- Attempt the paper for discussion on next Monday (next lesson), except last question

3. Bring along SASMO paper (equations) on Monday for discussion.

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