Wednesday, 29 March 2017

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28 March 2017 (Tuesday)

(A) During the lesson...
  • We made an attempt to link the Pascal Triangle with the expansion of (a + 1)^n
    • Coefficients
  • You were briefly introduced to the Binomial Expansion (see an earlier post below) 
    • Simplified version: (a + 1)^n and (a + b)^n
  • Note that Binomial Expansion/ Theorem are not tested in Sec 1 (S3 Add Maths syllabus). It is, nevertheless, good to be aware the existence of such theorem that would be very useful when we have to handle expansion of (a + b)^n when n is large.
  • Counting strategies
    • Multiplication Principle
    • Arrangement Principle
    • The use of diagrams to organise information to aid visualisation
(B) After lesson (SASMO Preparation)...
  • Simultaneous Equations

29 March 2017 (Wednesday)

Number patterns and sequence (Divide and Conquer)

  • Group work where each group is divided into two teams to tackle a pair of questions.
  • There are two deliverables to be posted in the Google Classroom as a new post.
Complete the remaining 7 questions.
One of the questions will be used as the Summative Assessment Question in lesson on Monday (3 April 2017)

THINGS to bring on THURSDAY: Submit your MATHS File - line them up on the cupboard top.
Hao Min will note down those who have not submitted by tomorrow 3.30 pm, and email to me.

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