Monday, 17 April 2017

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1. Summary of Algebra - mapping the various subtopics (revision)
[Hao Min - pls post the image in the blog. Thanks.]

2. We completed our discussion on the handout , "Algebra - Factorisation (Consolidation)"
You can find the suggested solution (complete with working) in the GoogleSite
(Maths > S1-01 > Unit 04 Algebra)

3. You did Summative Quiz 2
You can find the suggested solution in the GoogleSite (same section)

4. Preparation for lesson on Tuesday
We will be doing the SDL topic, "Rate, Speed and Ratio".
Do take a bit of time to go through Textbook Chapter 9 if you can.

5. Homework - Inequalities (II)
Below is the working for the example - take note of the presentation.
Your working should be similar - clear and systematic.
Deadline: Wednesday (19 April 2017)

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