Tuesday, 18 April 2017

[Menu] 18 April 2017 (Tuesday)

1. We went through the Error Analysis for Summative Quiz 2
The marked quizzes were returned, and suggested solution are available in the GoogleSite.
Please do the corrections.

2. We started the discussion of RATIO (refer to the new set of study notes issued).

3. Homework - assigned at the Google Classroom (Ratio).
Do attempt by today 10 pm (as a review practice)

4. Homework for submission - Inequalities Handout (given on Monday)
- to be submitted tomorrow (19 April 2017)

5. Report to Learning Oasis 1 tomorrow for Maths lesson.
Bring along (1) Study Notes for Ratio (2) Maths Notebook (3) Learning Device (4) Calculator (5) Writing materials

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