Thursday, 20 April 2017

Speed: Travelling via different modes

In December, Ms Loh travelled from Takayama via Toyama (in Japan).
There were several means that she could choose: by car, by train or by foot.

(Q1) Given the suggested duration (by Google; search for "distance between Takayama station to Toyama station"), find the average speed by all three means of travelling.

(Q2) What assumption(s) did we make when computing the speeds?

(Q3) At present, only local train runs between the two stations. If shinkansen is available between the two stations, how much time would be saved?
Using the information in the blog post (click HERE) to see more details


  1. Q1)By car: 46.5km/h(3sf)
    By public transport(Train-Takayama Line):45.4(to 3sf)
    By walking:4.50(to 3sf)

    Q2) That Ms Loh travelled at a constant speed

    Q3)Time of shinkansen=0.369h
    =22.1min(to 3sf)

  2. 1) By car : 48.6 km/h
    By train: 35.2 km/h (3sf)
    By walking: 4.50 km/h (3sf)

    2) Ms Loh was travelling at a constant speed.

    3) Time for shinkasen =0.278 hours (3sf)
    Time for normal train= 1.5 hours
    1.5-0.278=1.22hours (ans)

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  4. Q1) By car=47.3 km/h (3 S.F.)
    By train=41.2 km/h (3 S.F.)
    By foot= 4.50 km/h (3 S.F.)

    Q2)Ms Loh travelled at a constant speed

    Q3) 1h 48.6min

  5. Q1) By Car: 45.7km/h (3sf)
    By Train: 37.9km/h
    By foot: 4.50km/h

    Q2) We assume that Ms Loh travelled at a constant speed, and that there were no external factors (example: bad traffic, train breakdown)

    Q3) The distance between Takayama station and Toyama station is 89.1km
    Speed of local train: 66km/h
    Time taken for local train: 89.1 / 66 = 1.35h
    Speed of Shinkensen: 242km/h
    Time taken for Shinkensen: 89.1 / 242 = 0.368h
    Difference: 1.35h - 0.368h = 0.982h
    0.982h = 58 minutes 55.2 seconds


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