Sunday, 21 May 2017

June Holiday Engagement & Planning ahead

Dear S1-01

We went through the June Holiday Engagement activities in our last lesson this term (17 May 2017, Wednesday). Below is a summary, to be accomplished before Term 3 starts:

1. June Holiday Engagement: Challenger 1 - PISA questions
  • Click at the LINK to access the blog post where you will submit your answers to the GoogleForm as well as the padlets.
  • As shared during lesson, the set of selected questions aims to challenge us beyond just applying the mathematical skills we already know. The questions require us to apply reasoning skills and articulate our train of thought clearly in the written form, which are competencies that 21st century learners need to develop
  • Softcopy of the handout is available in the GoogleSite (Mathematics) for the class
  • Suggestion: Do not do all questions in a single attempt. Give your brain a break after half an hour. You may stagger the tasks over a few days. You may attempt the task in any order.
  • Recommended duration: approximately 3 to 4 hours.
  • Deadline: 23 June 2017 (Friday) – 4th week of June Holidays
2. Geometrical Construction (partial SDL)
  • The set of notes was issued on Wednesday (17 May). It is also available at the GoogleSite. Click HERE to access the handouts as well as the video clips.
  • We attempted the construction of perpendicular bisector in class (last lesson of the term) and made an attempt to draw out the characteristics of the lines and the properties of the triangles obtained. 
  • Complete the tasks before the term starts as we will be moving into more complex constructions that build on the skills you learn from this series of self-directed activities. 
  • You must bring with you the construction set (ruler, set square, compass, protractor and sharp pencil) for lessons when school starts in Term 3.
  • The constructions in the handouts should be completed by the end of the holidays.
  • Recommended duration: approximately 3 hours. 
  • Deadline: before 27 June 2017 (Tuesday)


In addition, you were informed that we will be doing the following topics in Term 3
  1. Geometrical Construction
  2. Functions and Linear Graphs
  3. Data Handling (we did part of this topic very briefly when we were preparing for SASMO in April). Click at the link to see post related to MEAN, MEDIAN & MODE.

6 AM Quiz

The quiz will take a break during the June Holidays.
It will return on 24 June 2017

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