Tuesday, 27 June 2017

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What we did in class:
  • Revisited Perpendicular Bisector, related vocabulary terms and how to label the diagram clearly
  • Analyse the diagram to draw out properties related to the line and its perpendicular bisector
  • Relate the properties to shapes: Circle, Triangles (equilateral, isosceles triangles), Rhombus, Square, Parallelogram
  • Spot the Error (3 questions): To describe, using the correct metalanguage, what was wrong with the way the diagram was constructed
  • Angle Bisector: The construction and "seeing" the "invisible" perpendicular bisector
  • Sketching the diagram based on information given to aid construction of shape (SDL during holidays)
What we did:
  • Construct a regular hexagon with length 5 cm using a ruler and compass (clue: Use a circle).
  • This is in preparation of an activity in the next lesson
Things to follow-up:
  1. Complete the Spot the Error Tasks if not completed yet.
  2. Complete Assignment 1 (2 Questions) [Estimated duration: 30 min] - construct a fully-labelled diagram with pencil - to be submitted in next lesson. 
  3. Apart from the construction set, bring a pair of scissors and clear tape for an activity in the next lesson.
  4. Examples of hologram clips from Youtube: 

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