Thursday, 29 June 2017

[Menu] Follow-up from TODAY's lesson

Today, we revisited construction of a hexagon and you are to think deeper on the relationship between a hexagon and the circle.

We saw the application of Geometrical Construction through Activity 1, where we created a truncated square pyramid to create the hologram.
Click HERE to see the details.


1. Submit Assignment 1 (given on 27 June, Tuesday) to Hao Min after recess today.

2. Submit the Class Activity Worksheet tomorrow (29 June, Friday) to Hao Min before recess.
  • You must answer the question at the end of page 1
  • You must complete activity 2
3. Upload the photo of your end-product of Activity 1 (the truncated square pyramid) in the padlet HERE (scroll down to insert in the padlet).

4. Look out for the Activity posted in Maths Blog (compulsory) tomorrow morning - to be completed by next Monday (3 July 2017, 12 noon). 

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