Friday, 30 June 2017

Task 1: Where shall we meet?

Task to be completed by next Monday (3 July 2017, 12 noon).

The location of the houses of three friends, Antonio, Benedict and Celine happened to form an equilateral triangle. They meet quite often to catch up with each other; however, none of them want to invite their friends home. To be fair, they decided to meet at a place that is most 'central' to all.

Point to ponder...
  • What would you suggest? 
  • How would you do it if you have their houses marked on a map already?

Note: There is a typo-error in the above diagram, it should be "Benedict"

Your Task: 

Assume that each house is 8 km from the two other houses.
(i.e. the length of the equilateral triangle is 8 km).
Taking the scale, 1 cm to represent 1 km, construct the equilateral triangle on a sheet of paper.

On this diagram, construct the relevant "some lines" to help you find the centre meeting point.
Hint: Perpendicular Bisectors, Angle Bisectors

Take a photo of your diagram (make sure it is clearly labelled) and post it in the padlet.

Direct LINK to access the padlet.

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