Monday, 10 July 2017

[Follow-up] Today's Lesson

Today, we discussed the following:
  • Indiana Jones' Problem
    • With the table of values, we found the relationship between the height of the position of the temple and time
  • What is an independent variable and what is a dependent variable
  • Assignment 9.1 Question 3
    • The key is to read the diagram carefully: Area of the first square is 2 square unit
  • Study Notes (p3) Activity 1
    • Area of Trapezium (Click HERE to see how to derive the formula)
  • Study Notes (p3) Activity 2
  • Study Notes (p4) Activity 3
  • Study Notes (p4) Activity 4
  • Study Notes (p6) Example 2
    • The key discussion point is part (c): the context determines to what extent the graph is valid.
  • Study Notes (p7) Activity 1 Question 3 
    • For discussion in next lesson
  • Preparation
    • Bring graph paper, long ruler and sharp pencil for next lesson

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