Thursday, 3 August 2017

[Follow-up] Today's Lesson

Today, the lesson focused on deepening our understanding of median and mode through finding unknown values (of x). This is followed by a short discussion on Dot Diagram.

In the next lesson, we will move into stem-and-leaf diagram.

1. Self-Practice: Algebra - Factorisation Worksheet 1, 2 and 3
As promised, suggested answers have been uploaded to the GoogleSite

2. Practise Construction & Graphs (on your own) - you may refer to your textbook and workbook for questions

3. 6 AM Quiz is making a come-back this Saturday (starting from August).

4. Assignment 10.3
Deadline: 7 August 2017 (Monday)

5. Attempt the task in the next Blog Post (last date for submission: 12 August)
6. Google Classroom - 3 Questions
Attempt the questions if you have not done so (deadline: 3 August 2017, Thursday)

7. Stem-and-Leaf Diagram

  • Diagnostic Quiz on Stem-and-Leaf Diagram 
  • This is another opportunity to earn as much points for your group as possible through practice and making connection to real world :)
  • Complete before Monday arrives.

For those who owe homework, you need to clear the items as soon as possible as the accumulated tasks/ assignments are snowballing in an alarming rate.

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