Saturday, 23 September 2017

6 AM Quiz #12: Long time no see, Algebra!

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Early Bird points (correct responses received before 7 am): 5 points
Any correct responses received by 9 am: 3 points
Any correct responses received by end of Saturday: 1 point

Question 1

Question 2

Question 3

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Solution submitted by some of you....

Question 1 (by Zuhairi)
- by expressing ratios as fractions, hence reorganising the terms in an equation.

Question 1 (by Hafiz) 
- by solving simultaneous equations

Question 2 (by Christabel)
Simplify the RHS, that resulted both sides of equation having the same base "9'.
Then solve for k by comparing the "powers" (i.e. the index) of "9".

Question 3 (by Hao Min)
- by expanding the two factors (did you notice the 'skipped' step from line 2 to line 3?
Finally, since the base for both LHS and RHS of the equation is "2", we can solve by comparing the 'powers' to solve for x

Question 3 (by Zun Kye)
- notice that he spotted that the terms in the 2nd factor could be simplified first?

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