ICT in action

(A) Online Learning Platforms

(B) Some commonly used applications from the Learning Device

(C) Ace-learning

In SST, we subscribed to this content management system to complement the activities that we carried out in class. In addition, materials in this platform would also be deployed as online reading and exercises, as part of the daily activities.

Below is the given the account login username and password

URL: http://www.ace-learning.com 
          Click at "Secondary" to login
Username: sst + class + index number 
          e.g. Christabel, whose register number is 01 will have username: ssts10101
          e.g. Zun Kye, whose register number is 25 will have username: ssts10125
Password: a20172017 (case sensitive)

You will be prompted to change your password upon first login

On logging in, please update your Profile with your SST email address.
Please complete this login by Friday (10 Feb).

Note: You may reset your password at the system if you forget.
On the other hand, you may also approach your Maths Teacher if you have difficulty resetting your password.

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